What is Mobycy ?

Today, it is not convenient for people to arrive at their last mile destination via public transportation, so they have to walk down or take a cab or auto. No cheap, easy, quick & health friendly option available for short & fast commute!

Mobycy is a disruptive bicycle sharing technology platform to solve this last mile problem. Helps people cover a short distance without any wait at a very nominal cost. Mobycy is India's first dockless bicycle sharing app. Just pick up a bicycle by scanning QR through the app, ride and park it sensibly anywhere. Mobycy's vision is to make India a greener & fitter cycling nation.



Download the Mobycy app


Locate a bicycle near you


Scan QR Code to Unlock


Start your cool green Mobycy ride


Manually lock and click end ride on App when you are done


Park anywhere responsibly in public place so that others can easily find

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Why Mobycy?

Quick Short commute | Green Tech | No pollution | Less Traffic | Fitness

1st to Market

Successful concept brought to India by a superb team

Evolved Tech Product

Integrated GPS Lock technology

Driving Fitness

Slice of ₹1bn fitness market in India

Solving biggest menace

Traffic & Pollution

Green Power

Plant a tree on every 100 bike rides

What our users say

"I come daily to my office in Cybercity via Delhi metro. I used to book a cab at Sikandarpur station which takes 10-15 minutes to come and then it takes 10-15 minutes to reach my office too. Sometimes due to pool, it had to take 15 minute detour too. Daily tension no. But since Mobycy, I’m loving it, all I take is 10 minutes & to top that I get a real sense of achievement as am supporting our country by reducing pollution caused by cabs & autos. I feel empowered."

- Charu Sinha, Asst. Manager, Gurgaon

"I always wanted to buy a bicycle so that I could go for cycling in the morning, however never bought one due to the fear that after a few days, I’ll stop the same & then the cycle would just sit idle. Mobycy has given me a great opportunity to start cycling basis when I need it."

- Nikhil Khanna, Software Engineer, Gurgaon

"I live in a PG four kilometres away from my college, I used to wait for an auto daily, then haggle the Rs.50-100 price daily to finally reach the college in 30-45 minutes. With Mobycy, now I step down, ride and within 15 minutes & just Rs.10, with a free mind, I cover the distance."

- Vishal Banerjee, Student, Delhi


Mobycy is getting a great coverage & support by media houses & our partners