Gurgaons green trail with Mobycy

A decade ago who would have thought that the name Gurgaon would represent the present of India’s tomorrow. With tremendous growth year after year, Gurgaon today is the true definition of a complete metropolitan city. But with great growth comes greater complexities and Gurgaon was no exception. The city is a suffering from chronic air pollution, High-level congestion and Lack of transportation alternatives.

Just 15 miles south of the National Capital, Gurgaon just like the whole of NCR is suffering from what one defines as the trinity of daily suffering. Each individual who travels to Gurgaon from other regions loses 20-30% of the time on a daily basis (to and fro). Moreover, he also loses as much as a liter of petrol daily and if the opportunity costs are calculated then he also loses 15% of daily productivity. The above mentioned was the daily ordeal of the public until Gurgaon found its own pollution ka solution.

Mobycy found its founding home in Gurgaon and the rest is history. With over 10k+ rides daily and 75k+ happy users, Mobycy has given a lot of memorable experiences to its users. It has now become the prime alternative for those who have been searching for a bike bicycle on rent in Gurgaon. On 25th of April when Mobycy launched its e-Scooters powered by Okinawa, it also captured the Bike and scooter market with its new product. All those who had no access to Bike/Scooter or Bicycles can easily find either bike on rent in Gurgaon for a day or two wheeler for rent in Gurgaon.

Mobycy the front-runner in the market of shared mobility and is leading the pack with a million plus rides with millions more to follow. So, if you're reading this then you know that you have found the one-stop solution for all the problems related to Savings, productivity, efficiency, and pollution. People of Gurgaon, what are you waiting for? Download the app and get Mobycying




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Why Mobycy?

Quick Short commute | Green Tech | No pollution | Less Traffic | Fitness


1st to Market

Successful concept brought to India by a superb team


Evolved Tech Product

Integrated GPS Lock technology


Driving Fitness

Slice of ₹1bn fitness market in India


Solving biggest menace

Traffic & Pollution


Green Power

Plant a tree on every 100 bike rides