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Electric Scooter Sharing for your Everyday Commute

It is not possible to have one vehicle for each family member. It is not even recommended because why add to already worsened traffic and pollution? However, vehicles have become a necessity in every house. But before buying one, you need to consider many points. Who needs it and for what purpose? What is the…

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Move Over from Cyclothon Because all New Electrothon is Here!

Zypp is celebrating its huge success of electric scooters by organizing India’s first ‘marathon on electric scooter’ – Electrothon in Gurugram on 9th March 2019. The event is aimed at encouraging people to adopt electric commuting across the country. Electrothon is an electrifying event which will play an important role in spreading awareness about the…

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5 Myths vs facts about electric scooters

We all know how harmful the gases emitted by vehicles are for the environment. Yet people hesitate in opting for electric scooters over fuel-operated ones. This is because of various myths and misnomers that people believe in and lack of information about these eco-friendly vehicles. Here are the myths busters to change your view about…

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5 Tips Before Riding Our Electric Scooter Zypp

Dock-less scooters and bikes are becoming favourite amongst all the age groups, thanks to the increasing awareness about environment conservation and the rising problem of traffic in metro cities. Moreover, Mobycy has come up with “electric scooter sharing”. Electric scooters are easy to operate, light-weighted, and environment & traffic friendly. Given all these features, it’s…

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Mobycy to Unveil New E-Scooters in Hyderabad

Mobycy has caused quite a bit of stir in the direction of green locomotion. Its motto has been to provide an affordable and environment-friendly mode of transportation for users. For those who haven’t heard about Mobycy, it is India’s first dockless bike rental app which enables riders to manage bike usage through the click of…

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Give Your Bicycle on Rent

Is your bicycle, e-bike eating dust and rust at your balcony or in some corner of your basement? Did you buy a bicycle thinking how you’ll ride it daily to stay fit but it has been months if not years since the time you last touched it? If your answer was yes to both the…

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Mobycy wins the STAMP 2018 challenge in Hyderabad

Gurgaon based bike sharing platform Mobycy has recently won the STAMP 2018 (station access and mobility program) challenge held in Hyderabad on August 11th. The STAMP challenge was led by WRI India Ross Center and Tata Mobility Foundation (TMF) in alliance with the Hyderabad Metro Rail, the Government of Telangana, and L&T Metro Rail. The…

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Mobycy Launches MobyCoins, a New Currency to Get Free Rides

Mobycy is India’s first dockless bicycle technology platform to solve the “last mile” problem. Most commuters have to commute from the railway station or bus station to their homes or offices – this last leg of their journey is known as the “last mile”. Many have to walk, take a cab or auto to get…

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Riding with Mobycy- Are You Doing Your Bit to Make Your City Better?

You have relentlessly complained about all the air pollution in your city to your spouse and to your friends. You have sighed at the increasing number of bikes and cars every time you have been stuck in a traffic jam. But you have helplessly called for a cab when you had to reach for a…

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