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5 Tips Before Riding Our Electric Scooter Zypp

Dock-less scooters and bikes are becoming favourite amongst all the age groups, thanks to the increasing awareness about environment conservation and the rising problem of traffic in metro cities. Moreover, Mobycy has come up with “electric scooter sharing”. Electric scooters are easy to operate, light-weighted, and environment & traffic friendly.

Given all these features, it’s no surprise they’ve become the latest craze in many cities. However, while riding these two-wheeled electric scooters, you must make sure to not be a nuisance to the traffic and pedestrians. How can you do that? Here are the 5 tips you should keep in mind before riding Zypp – the electric scooters by Mobycy.

  • Wear a helmet. This is a no-brainer. Not wearing a helmet can be dangerous during accidents. A helmet saves you from severe head injuries during fatal accidents.
  • Familiarize beforehand. Familiarizing with the electric scooter before riding it is inevitable. Read online about the company and the functionalities, benefits, and limitations of the electric scooter. Take a short test drive before going on your way.
  • Follow traffic rules. The traffic rules remain the same whether you are driving an SUV or an eScooter. Follow the traffic rules to avoid accidents and fines. Get acquainted with the rules applicable for driving an electric scooter in your state in advance.
  • Check the scooter’s condition. Mobycy makes sure that all its Zypp electric scooters are in a good condition. But if you come across any faults in any scooter, you can share the details to Mobycy via its app.
  • No tandem riding. Zypp eScooters are built for a single rider only. Though riding with a friend seems a fun idea, keep them safe by having them rent their own electric scooter and then going on a ride.

So, ready to go on a Zypp ride? Follow these tips to ensure your and others’ safety both.  Have a joyful ride!