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Electric Scooter Sharing for your Everyday Commute

It is not possible to have one vehicle for each family member. It is not even recommended because why add to already worsened traffic and pollution? However, vehicles have become a necessity in every house. But before buying one, you need to consider many points. Who needs it and for what purpose? What is the budget? Is buying a new scooter really required? To all such questions, electric scooter sharing is the option.

What is electric scooter sharing?

Similar to bicycle sharing, scooter sharing is a service in which scooters are made available to use on rent for a short period of time. Better yet, companies like Mobycy provide electric scooter sharing service which is easy on your pockets and on the environment both.

E-scooters are environment-friendly and easy-to-use by anyone. Add to these the option of sharing, you don’t have to worry about buying at all!

Zypp is an e-scooter rental service by Mobycy that gives you the freedom from buying and maintaining conventional two-wheelers. Zypp e-scooters are dock less electric scooters that you can ride as per your need and convenience without worrying about the maintenance, fuel, parking, or environment.

Benefits of Zypp – an electric scooter sharing service

  • They are an eco-friendly option compared to conventional scooters
  • They run on battery, so no worry about pricey fuels
  • Zypp e-scooters are gearless, so they suitable for all age groups
  • Renting a Zypp scooter means no hassle of purchasing and maintaining
  • Available on-the-go by using the Zypp app
  • Just register via Aadhar card on the application and you are good to go
  • Zypp e-scooters on rent are ideal for short distance and everyday travels
  • They are easy to operate and light-weighted

Electric scooters are the future of urban transportation and what’s better than renting these eco-friendly vehicles? Make your everyday commute fun, environment-friendly, and traffic-friendly with Zypp e-scooters. Download the Android or iOS App now!