February 20, 2018 / by Kartikey Mishra / In City / 1 Comments

Fighting the paradox

At this point in time, human imagination is not taken lightly. Impossible has been replaced by Imaginable and before that imagination hits the last ear on Earth, it becomes a reality. Technology is bolting through doors which were closed to us before and we are witnessing a revolution in its own way.

Revolution as it may seem, but the reality is a distant relative and is not agreeing with us.

Technology has failed to accommodate nature in its priority and within few decades of its rise, we are facing a real threat. Climate is changing drastically and citizens are not embracing their responsibility for fighting the same.When the State is more concerned about defence and taxes and citizens are living in a shell and interacting through the lens of social media, the responsibility eventually falls on Visionaries.

In the past, people have tried and failed because fighting for nature is to rebel against technology and more often than not the fight ends in one way. But, today we have a visionary who instead of fighting this issue on a one-dimensional basis has fought the paradox instead. We are talking about Akash Gupta and his Startup Mobycy which has integrated technology with a disruptive idea which would help us save the environment. Mobycy is the first dockless bicycle sharing app which would enable you to reach your destination on time and bring an end to the hassles related to first and last mile commute. 

  With Mobycy, you will save time and money and maintain a healthy lifestyle by cycling for preferred distances. On an average, we need 30 minutes of walk daily to keep our heart healthy but our fully packed life doesn’t allow us that time. Mobycy will help us save time and give us the daily dose of workout to maintain health.


 We need to realize that the idea of contributing and gaining from a cause is a very empowering thought and needs to be absorbed quickly. The only way the paradox can be fought is when technology will not disregard the importance of nature and bridge the gap.