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Mobycy- For EARTH Forever

When the world assigns some importance to a DAY then it generally means to celebrate the spirit of an effort, a memory or just an undying emotion. Ironically, the importance loses the spark it once held and is now limited to the DAY itself. Unfortunately, the same happened to our Earth when we started to celebrate The Earth Day.

When did it start?

The tradition of Celebrating Earth Day started in the 1970s. Since then we can safely assume that our Earth hasn’t seen much of good days and had to go through all kinds of ordeals just to accommodate our selfish requirements.

Indias Earth Day Report Card.

India currently is the fastest growing economy and an emerging superpower. But due to lack of vision and planning, India is unable to cope with the rate of growth and is simply burning out.

  • In 2015, According to Wikipedia, India ranked 4th with 25 lakh kilo tons of Carbon dioxide emissions.
  • India is consistently struggling with the rising pollution. Also, about 1.1 million people die prematurely each year in India due to the rapidly worsening air pollution which is now surpassing China as the deadliest in the world.
  • India is now two and a half times more likely to experience a deadly heat wave than a half-century ago, and all it took was an increase in the average temperature of just 0.5 C.
  • Since 1970 we have lost almost half of our animal population to deforestation, poaching and personal consumption.
  • If we talk about sustainable development then as per WWF, India is overusing its Natural resources by 70%.
  • According to Jonathan Baillie, chief scientist of the National Geographic Society, “The two most pressing issues we face today are habitat loss and climate change, and these issues are interrelated”
  • India produced some 100 million tons of municipal waste every year. According to the OECD, only 60% of this waste was even collected. A far smaller (almost nonexistent) amount was recycled.

Considering the above results and the difficult parameters for qualifying an exam otherwise, India has miserably failed the test for caring for its nature and so have the citizens of this nation.

How can we Improve?

Survival is marked by one’s ability to fulfill his necessity. When one fails to fulfill what’s needed, he fails to survive and eventually resigns to his fate. The same thought has to be imbibed in our minds and souls. If we fail to sustain and maintain our Environment then no wealth in the world will help us survive the wrath of nature.

Still, it’s never too late to start anew and, for every responsible citizen, what could be better than The Earth Day? So, just follow these quick and easy steps to help our Nation pass this test and contribute to a noble cause.

Alternative Resources 

 With almost 70% of the natural resources being wasted and because they are non-replenishing property, the best way to sustain these resources would be to promote and infuse the use of alternative and cheap resources like – Solar, Wind, and Tidal Energy.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle 

Though the 3Rs might sound like a thing of tomorrow. But, if we don’t act fast then our nature will tag along with it too. The 3 Rs are not just the thumb rule for basic environment sustainability but are also the most effective tool to solve the environmental crisis. Only 33% of the waste is recycled in the Developed Countries, this is almost negligible when it comes to our nation.

Cycle for Shorter Commute

Millions of tons of fuel are lost to traffic, especially congestion. The most irresponsible thing about this fact is that almost 30% of the wastage occurs due to the usage of Cars and Bikes for last mile commute. For a long distance, the people traveling are few which can be served by trains and planes. But when the distance is ultra short, the people traveling are in billions daily, hence what we need is an affordable smart commute option which can be used by millions. Hence we recommend bicycles and bikes which is why we recommend Mobycy.

Why Mobycy?

Enables Fitness 

Mobycy is your ultimate partner when it comes to killing those love handles. 30 minutes on Mobycy and you’ll have a healthy heart and a healthy environment.

Saves Fuel 

With Mobycy, you’ll save tons on fuel. On an average, you cover 120-150 km every month for your last mile. With Mobycy not only you’ll cover this distance in 15-20 minutes (2kms to-fro) but also save as much as 7 liters of petrol. Now imagine how much resources our Nation has currently saved when the same is applied to 50k+ Mobycy users.

Most Affordable short commute

Helps save your money vs other options available like cabs, autos. Mobycy offers a half an hour ride at just Rs.5 and on Earth Day we’re offering rides at just Re.1 by letting our #GreenHeroes use the code: EARTHDAY.

Ride Happiness 

 Mobycy is not just a smart-tech enabled bicycle but a lot more than that. Each cycle has been designed to serve your needs and to make your rides memorable. Touching a million+ users and saving 10k+ tonnes of carbon, we can assure you that what we are offering not just a service rather we feel proud of creating happiness. Relive your childhood days, spend quality time with your kids, reach office saving time and money and at the end of the say, do something for your own fitness. All in all, don’t just cover the distance, rather ride happiness.

So what are you waiting for?

#RideHappiness with Mobycy and a Happy Earth Day.