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New Parking Guidelines – Revision of Convenience Fee

It’s been some time that we’ve launched our Dockless Bicycle Sharing services & with your immense support, we have crossed 100k users in India across Gurgaon, Pune, Bangalore, Noida, Jaipur and other cities. A heartfelt thank you for your great support.


Based on our experience so far, 75% of our bicycles are already coming to our Parking Points, courtesy of our users like you who are using our services very efficiently.


To manage the operations better, keep city more organized & to serve you better, we’re moving from pure dockless to hybrid dockless model.


We’re changing our Parking Policy & introducing Virtual Parking Points which will act as the key places where you can park the bicycles. Basis last few months, the key places where you usually park our bicycles are anyways part of this list. So, it won’t affect most of you :).


So, to ensure you find bikes at key places always, starting Thursday, April 12th, in case anyone parks the bicycle outside these Green parking circles shown on App & ends ride on the app also, a convenience fee of Rs.100 will be levied. Users will be shown a pop-up before charging this fee where we’ll also guide you to go nearest parking point before tapping on “End Ride” so that you can save on this convenience fee. Anyways for 12 hours of the ride, we charge only Rs.29 which is a long time to bring the bike back to any of Mobycy Parking Points.


Here are our current designated parking points in current cities of operation.


In case your regular cycling point (start or endpoint) is not part of this list, please add your suggestions on this link & basis your votes, we’ll add these points also in the list if there’s a huge demand for the same.


What’s our current PRICING?

Deposit – Rs.1
Pricing – Rs.5/every half hour
Full day pricing – Rs.29/12 hours

Monthly VIP Plan – Rs.99/2 rides daily

Outside Parking Charge – Rs.100 flat + Rs.10/km basis distance from parking circle.
PS – We will run a pilot of Rs 25 for a week and might extend it later.

  • Vikas Mishra 2018-12-08 15:58:28 Reply

    Please add samvit hostipat sector 38, islampur village sohna road, gurugram AND Candor Space tech park sector 48 tikri, gurugram

  • Vicky 2018-09-28 07:00:32 Reply

    Add noida City Center Metro as a parking place

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