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What India Deserves

An average Indian working in the big cities is losing more than an hour daily to congestion. One might blame the lack of farsightedness in terms of infrastructure, the other might blame the poor implementation of traffic laws. Though the above mentioned are one of the key reasons and the most sought answers, the reality is far complex yet visible to our eyes. To make it more visible we have to ask the right questions and seek the answers to the same.

What’s congestion

According to Wikipedia, Congestion can be defined as an occurrence (now permanent) on transport networks which results in longer commute, slower speed and increased vehicular queueing. In simple terms, congestion means chaos.

What’s causing it?

Unscientific road design

It can be easily assumed by the state of public roads that they were built out of sheer necessity and weren’t planned at all.
There are hardly any free/exit ways for commuters to spread and are hence caught up in traffic. Most of the roads are squeezed and are not wide enough to accommodate the quantum of traffic it has to bear daily.
Though one might argue that making more roads will solve this issue. But, to do anything without a plan is a plan to fail and so far we have failed miserably.

Lack of FootPaths

Due to lack of vision coupled with poor execution, most of our roads lack basic amenities like a footpath. Due to this negligence, the rate of road accidents is ever increasing. Every day almost 377 people are dying from accidents and a good percentage of these people are those who didn’t have an access to a footpath and had to use the roads instead, making them highly vulnerable.

Poor Maintenance

“If you don’t have more, do more of what you have”, this is not the case with our Nation.
Unfortunately, the connectivity we need might never come and the option we have isn’t working well. The roads which already exist are full of potholes and are not suitable for driving, especially at night when these things aren’t visible. To top it off, the state doesn’t care at all.

What’s more important is that maybe that Headache we thought our boss was responsible for is simply because we were stuck to experience all of this in traffic.
It’s true, the effects of congestion show on your health in ways like; Neck and back pain, Respiratory problems, Stress and even higher chances of Heart-attacks.

How is this affecting the Indian economy?

Delhi alone is losing almost 10 billion dollars to congestion every year.
This cost comprises of the fuel wasted due to the idling of vehicle, productivity loss, air-pollution, and accidents.

The State capital of India will have 10 million vehicular population by 2020. The city also wastes about 300,000 dollar worth of fuel every day.

The cost of delay is approximately 7 billion dollars and  If combined with the cost of fuel attached to it then it’s estimation rises to 14 billion dollars.

While the above-mentioned problems are longing to be cared for, What India deserves is a solution with a mission, In other words, MOBYCY.

Mobycy has made it possible to fight the problem of Congestion. It’s also leading this much-needed change through it’s disruptive and smart technology.

From its inception, Mobycy has touched lives of millions of Indians now while solving the problem of last mile connectivity.

With more than a million rides done and presence over 10 cities, Mobycy is looking forward to becoming a national phenomenon.


India Deserves Mobycy, not congestion.



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