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How Governments and Infrastructure Will Evolve for Better Cycling in India

We have all read and talked about how pollution is a great threat to the environment. Various reports on how in the forthcoming years it would create a great imbalance in the ecosystem, make several rare species extinct and melt double the Antarctic ice sheet, have, for once in the least, caught our attention.

In fact, as a citizen of India, it is as grave an issue as anything else that we have cities that score ‘severe’ at Air Quality Index, threatening life and healthy living. The government has taken measures and initiatives to cut down the derogatory pollution levels in metro cities but increasing statistics on respiratory problems suggest that they were of little help.

Not only an increased number of vehicles contribute to air pollution but also lead non-renewable resources like fossil fuels down the way towards extinction. The government has sure levied high parking fees for private vehicles but whether it had indirect benefits somehow is debatable. Now as we move towards making an improved infrastructure of smart cities in the future, reservation of these non-renewable resources is the need of the hour.

Well, amidst everything that’s said and done, are we contributing our bit so as to save the environment, ease health living, counter health problems caused by pollution and largely save our ecosystem? If you ask me how we may ensure that we work towards the same, there is one simple solution for it- cycling.

Cycling is not only a great way to exercise but also a resourceful solution to every problem, be it last mile connectivity or pollution issues. And now that dockless bike Sharing apps like Mobycy.com are taking the market by storm and making cycling a favourite activity for everyone from teens to office-goers and that too at a really cheap fare, it is time for the big switch towards the eco-friendly way of transportation. It would not only be a solution to every environmental problem but also lead India to become a healthier nation.

Ditch autos and taxis that hurt your pocket for each trip and buses too, that are hard waiting for. The easier, faster, simpler and cheap mode of transportation for commuters are bicycles and they are here to stay.