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How A Bicycle Renting App Aims to Battle Pollution

In a country where cab sharing apps are all the rage, Mobycy’s shot at the possibility of making India green by the means of bicycles is both practical and commendable.

70 million vehicles. That’s around how many vehicles we have in India. Imagine the damage we alone make as a country to the environment. In a country as big as ours, we can hardly be at fault for our transportation needs. And again, the increasingly cumbersome traffic issues in India only worsen the rate of vehicle emissions.

For all the transportation issues we face in India, we are still short on innovative ways to tackle them. The number of vehicles on road increases by the day and we are no closer to figuring out a way to protect our environment than we were a decade ago.

Mobycy to the Rescue

However, there seems to be an idea which is as simple as it is ground-breaking and has hitherto remained unexplored in our country by large. We’ve always known about the damage our vehicles due to the environment and yet have refused to switch to a better medium for our transport.

Why can’t we just ride our bicycles to work? A number of factors may have inhibited our being able to do that in the past but Mobycy is here to help us with just those.

Manifold Advantages

Consider how inspired an idea bike renting is, against the backdrop of the pollution issues of the world. Add to that the health benefits of bicycling to work and we have a seamless system of caring for both the environment and ourselves.

Mobycy is, in essence, a bike sharing app which allows you to ditch needing to hail a cab or an auto for a ride to work. You’d saving money, keeping fit and caring for the environment all at once.

Effortless and Dependable

Sharing a bicycle using the app is as hassle-free as you could possibly hope it to be. Scan the QR code of the bike you want to rent through the app and you’re on your way. It’s as simple as that.

Riding a bicycle puts in the best position to circumnavigate the dreary traffic of the most crowded cities. One other thing you wouldn’t need to worry about if you were cycling to work is parking space.

  • Sanjeev Mittal 2018-07-21 04:06:30 Reply

    Wonderful concept, great convenience and easy to operate. Keep it up !

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