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Mobycy Launches MobyCoins, a New Currency to Get Free Rides

Mobycy is India’s first dockless bicycle technology platform to solve the “last mile” problem. Most commuters have to commute from the railway station or bus station to their homes or offices – this last leg of their journey is known as the “last mile”. Many have to walk, take a cab or auto to get to their final destination. These modes are not cheap; besides many cabbies refuse to ply especially it is for short distances.  Harried commuters run helter-skelter, elbowing one another and desperately trying to find some means of transport to reach home after a tiring day at the office.

Mobycy is India’s first dockless bicycle, e- bicycle and e- scooter sharing company that solve last mile problem. Mobycy has recently introduced their own MobyCoins currency for the customers. All they who are aware about environment, they can invite Mobycy App to their friends and can earn MobyCoins for free rides.

Mobycy spotted a business opportunity and set up this first-of-its-kind bicycle hiring company. This has a double effect- it served the needs of the commuters and also provided the cities with a clean, green mode of commuting. It was the motto of this company to make India a greener and fitter cycling nation.

The company has recently introduced their own MobyCoins currency for the convenience of its customers. Customers can now use this currency to hire these environmentally friendly bicycles. You also get free rides and invite others to earn free rides. You can recommend your campus and corporate park to set up a Mobycy centre. They have an innovative B2B plan to enable campuses to use their services inside the campus.

Apart from using this currency, customers can also use the regular money to make payments. The hiring charges are of three types:

Pay per Ride
Rates for bicycles is as low as Rs 5 for 15 minutes
Rates of e-Bikes are Rs 5 (unlocking charges) and Rupee one per minute

VIP Subscription Rate
Monthly Rate is Rs 449 for unlimited ride.

This is subject to a maximum of 2 hours for each ride

Payment with Deposit
In addition to a deposit, customers have to pay Rupee one. The full amount of the deposit is refundable.

This service is available in most Indian cities and will continue to expand to more cities.

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