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Become a Green Hero on World Environment Day with Mobycy Subscription Plans

Imminent need for Green Technology

Mother Earth, as we know it, needs our help. We, as responsible citizens, can help in protecting the environment, which in turn protects us. Let us celebrate this World Environment Day together by taking a step towards making our cities greener, and even better to live in. Leave the stress and the hassle of commuting to work, school or college behind. We, at Mobycy, India’s first dock-less bike sharing company, understand the importance of a quick and hassle-free morning and evening commute.  Mobycy is the most convenient bike sharing system, solving the problems of last mile commute. We use GPS enabled, specially designed bicycles to ease your commute.

Minimizing daily costs with VIP Prime Subscription Plans:

Now you can enjoy the early morning sky and the serenade of the chirping birds without worrying about getting stuck in traffic or your commute burning a hole in your pocket. Our pocket friendly charges and ease of use make your travel easier and faster. To suit your daily needs, Mobycy has introduced its brand new unlimited monthly and yearly ride plans. 

Rs.99 – Unlimited rides in a month

Rs.999 – Unlimited rides for a year

*Maximum single ride time – 2 hours

Now you can ride through the city at your own convenience, without having to worry about travel time and costs. Leave behind the worries of surge pricing on cabs, which burn a hole in our wallets and the Ozone layer. With the yearly subscription plan, you can be the #GreenHero and show your support as an environment enthusiast with the Rs.999 plan which will ensure wherever you go in India or anywhere, you get to use Mobycy bicycle at no cost in all our cities of operation.

How to Use:

Mobycy has been designed with a seamless user experience as the top priority, which makes it the best bike rental app on the market. Just download the app on your Android or iPhone and spot a nearby bicycle. Scan the QR code on the bike to unlock it, and there you go. Now you can zoom your way throughout the city on your bike. You can park Mobycy bicycles anywhere in our many designated parking hotspots, spread throughout the city. These hotspots are marked on the app, with clear navigation instructions to nearby spots.

So, let us embrace this green technology and incorporate the healthy habit of cycling in our daily routines. Follow us on our Social media to stay updated with latest offers and events.