Time to Zypp for your last mile Commute

Time to zypp your last mile commute Tired waiting for the cab or auto paying hefty money even for the last mile commute? Here's India's first electric scooter sharing to rescue you, in your service with just a few taps. This is the easiest way to commute around and feel electrified with this revolution. Zypp is low-speed vehicle up to 25mph speed that doesn't require a license to carry or helmet to wear but we insist on safety. Scroll down to key features and how to use, check FAQs on the app and get started!

How to Use?






Now, get ready to ride our electric scooters – Zypp!

What do you do when you want to travel distances too long to walk and too short to take a cab? Worry not! Zypp e-Scooters are here to help. With the increasing menace of pollution and traffic, it is inevitable for us to be watchful and contribute in whatever way we can to make our planet greener and cleaner. But we also know that we cannot put a halt on our commuting. However, we can surely change the way we travel and pave the way for a better environment.

Zypp is one such initiative by Mobycy that has been recognized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi too. Zypp is an e-Scooter rental service by Mobycy to give you a safe, effortless experience of riding. These e-Scooters are smaller, custom-designed bikes which are better suited for Indian roads.

How Zypp works?

Zypp scooters are fitted with smart IoT locks. So, easily locate the available scooters in the vicinity from the Mobycy app and unlock them by scanning a QR code from the app. The app also informs you about the remaining battery and runtime of the scooters, so you can choose the best from them.

What more? Zypp can be unlocked for just Rs. 5 and charges Re 1/min for traveling, without any booking amount. Once you complete the ride, simply park the Zypp anywhere safely, except for private compounds or gated communities.

Why choose Zypp?

• Introduced by the “Best Mobility Start-up in India” (awarded by Niti Aayog)
• Custom designed for Indian roads
• The most convenient short commute ride option
• Affordable pricing with rich features
• No need of driving license (as the maximum speed of Zypp is 25 kmph)
• Smart and remote unlocking system

Before you rent a Zypp, note:

• That you must be 18+ to ride
• That your Mobycy account is linked with your Aadhaar card or Driver’s license
• That you follow the safety measures
• That you have checked the battery and runtime of the scooters

So, are you ready to Zypp away? Let’s make our planet a better place to live!


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