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5 Myths vs facts about electric scooters

We all know how harmful the gases emitted by vehicles are for the environment. Yet people hesitate in opting for electric scooters over fuel-operated ones. This is because of various myths and misnomers that people believe in and lack of information about these eco-friendly vehicles. Here are the myths busters to change your view about electric scooters and thus electric vehicles in overall.

Low battery life

People are afraid that E-scooters will leave them stranded in the middle of the road. However, the manufacturing companies understand this issue and have started making electric scooters that can run for long distances too.

Complexity in operating

Electric scooters are rather easy to operate and comes with the gearless system. This makes them easier for almost any adult to ride. Also, E-scooters have light-weight bodies which makes them convenient to drive.


This was the situation in the initial days of electric scooters in India. Today, with the increasing adoption of these environment-friendly scooters, the quality has much more improved. There are many trendy and high-speed E-scooters like Zypp by Mobycy available in the market for rent now.


People think that electric scooters are too expensive and they’d rather purchase a petrol-operated vehicle. But battery charging is far less expensive than petrol prices. Plus, with E scooter rentals by Mobycy, you don’t even have to own an electric scooter.

High maintenance

As these scooters are operated by battery rather than fuel, the mechanics are not complex. So, the cost of maintaining these scooters is much less than the fuel-powered scooters. Also, other repair costs are nominal. And choose E-scooters on rent for zero maintenance costs!

All-in-all, people are turning toward a green lifestyle. If you don’t want to own an electric scooter but still want to contribute to keeping the environment safe, go for getting these scooters on rent via Mobycy. Download the Mobycy App from your Android or Apple device and get going!