October 6, 2018 / by indrajeet / In Cycling / 5 Comments

Give Your Bicycle on Rent

Is your bicycle, e-bike eating dust and rust at your balcony or in some corner of your basement? Did you buy a bicycle thinking how you’ll ride it daily to stay fit but it has been months if not years since the time you last touched it?

If your answer was yes to both the above questions then, don’t worry you’re not alone. There are tens of thousands of people, who buy bicycles thinking about their health but then leave it untouched in some corner of their houses.

But don’t worry, this article is not aimed to scratch your grief but rather turn it into joy. We at Mobycy are coming up with a solution that will not only take care of your rusting bicycles but also let it generate regular revenue for you without you having to do anything apart from tapping few fingers.

We’ve added a new service through which you can give your bicycles, e-bikes at rent to us. We’ll add that bicycle to our Mobycy bikes fleet after installing a smart GPS based IOT lock and park it at our parking points for the users to use to solve their last mile and first mile connectivity issues. Basis this, your bike will proudly solve the problem of traffic, pollution and last mile for millions of user in India.

In return for your cycle, we’ll pay you a fixed 12% return annually on its value along with 20% profit sharing for every ride on your bike. We’ll also give you free MobyCoins every month so that all your rides that you take on any Mobycy bike are always free.

We’ll also insure your bike and cover all damages along with any other issue, though we assure there won’t be any. Also our operations team will ensure weekly maintenance of your bike but still if you want to take your bicycle back, you can request a call back any time and we shall assist you quickly.

To rent your bicycle, e-bike out, all you have to do is to fill this form. Then our expert will get in touch with you to schedule a meeting and a pick up date and finalize its value and monthly rent.

You can also choose to donate your bike which is getting wasted to contribute to this huge bikeshare revolution we’re building. Join the movement and lets make Mobility made Easy with Mobycy.