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Mobycy to Unveil New E-Scooters in Hyderabad

Mobycy has caused quite a bit of stir in the direction of green locomotion. Its motto has been to provide an affordable and environment-friendly mode of transportation for users. For those who haven’t heard about Mobycy, it is India’s first dockless bike rental app which enables riders to manage bike usage through the click of a button.
Mobycy-The Green Flag Bearer
It all started with the idea of a green-entrepreneur. Mobycy launched itself with GPS enabled bikes and a corresponding app for android and apple store. The motto of this green locomotion was to encourage people to use eco-friendly transportation, especially to meet the last mile connectivity.
Shared dockless bicycles are enjoying their share of popularity in major cities in India which are dwindling with the grave danger of air pollution. Since then this revolutionary idea has been taken a few notches higher by unveiling e-bicycles and e-scooters.
Faster and Greener
Mobycy is determined to improve its last mile connectivity service. Hyderabad is going to benefit immensely from Mobycy e-scooters. With the rising number of people using the metro services, last mile connectivity becomes a problem. One either ends up taking a cab or auto to reach his/her final destination. Mobycy is all set to unveil e-scooters for the benefit of Hyderabad residents. Not only are they fast but also run on extremely efficient batteries. Hence the pocket and environment is well taken care of.
These e-scooters can be availed by downloading the Mobycy app on any Android or Apple device and you are good to go. A valid photo identity proof and driving license deem you legible to start using e-scooters. With a minimal deposit amount and rental, you can enjoy seamless rides without having to worry about rising fuel prices.
Once launched, Mobycy e-scooters will completely eradicate the need to wait for other modes of transportation and burning a hole in the pocket. Hyderabad is going to get greener and happier.