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Riding with Mobycy- Are You Doing Your Bit to Make Your City Better?

You have relentlessly complained about all the air pollution in your city to your spouse and to your friends. You have sighed at the increasing number of bikes and cars every time you have been stuck in a traffic jam. But you have helplessly called for a cab when you had to reach for a destination on time only to realize that you are a part of the problem.

But now it’s possible to be a part of the change and make sure you do your bit to make your city breathe fresh air. The revolutionary bicycle renting app Mobycy now offers you the chance to go green and in style.

Beat Pollution with Bicycles

This bike sharing app lets you commute in your city by renting one of their state of the art bicycles. After you download this cycle on rent service’s app you are simply one step away from ensuring that everyone else in your city has healthier lungs. You need to simply locate your nearest bicycle and scan a QR code to start riding.

Their fleet of superb bicycles is equipped with advanced GPS lock so that you can be an eco-friendly vigilante in style. The rental rates are astonishingly cheap and you can easily ask your friends and relatives to opt for Mobycy. You can give your own two cents about environmental awareness and also add that regular cycling can keep them really fit.

Your Ride is Now Greener than Ever

The wonderful thing about opting for bicycles in India is that you contribute to the growing campaign to make busy cities free of smoke and smog. In fact, it is estimated that booking 100 rides on this ride-sharing app is equivalent to planting a tree. After you are done riding, you can simply park the bicycle at a convenient parking space so that someone else can take up the mantle and do their bit in making India greener.

You have always wanted to be the friendly neighbourhood superhero that saves the city from doom and disaster. Here’s your chance. Just download Mobycy and start your fight with the supervillain that pollution is, one ride at a time.